Getting my mojo back!

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my health and fitness. It feels so good to say that.

I haven’t said that to anyone, because I feel like there’s a perception that once you start exercising and eating well then you just continue on with no problems. But in reality you can lose motivation, slip up and enjoy a few too many chocolates and soft drinks. That’s what’s happened with me.

For a while, I haven’t enjoyed exercising and I’ve enjoyed fried foods too much. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat the same amount of fruits and vegetables. But I find myself craving those foods with no nutritional value and that taste so good! It’s almost like I’ve forgotten all the benefits that exercising brings and how different my body looks and mind feels since I started this whole thing.

But now that I’m saying this, I hope to get back on track. I plan to exercise three times a week and only eat something crap twice a week *and not every day*. I need to hold myself accountable to these goals and I hope to do that by writing this. I want to reach the goal that I made for myself last Christmas by Christmas this year, and I will. I need to get my motivation back, and going to the gym tomorrow will be a great start.

It’s okay if you go off track. It’s okay if you don’t exercise for six weeks. It’s okay if you’ve forgotten what a vegetable looks like. My point is, it’s never too late to start again. That’s what I’m going to do now.


Image via weheartit.

  1. You’re right, eating healthy and exercising is hard work! Especially when we’re always on the go and busy. Like you said, everybody goes through plateaus and slip up, the important thing is that we do what you did, acknowledge it and keep moving forward with our goals 🙂


    • That’s exactly right! If you want to keep going on the fitness journey, it’s never too late. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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