Favourite YouTube Channels #2.

Got an addition to YouTube like I do? Want to add to it? Check these people out.

1 – danisnotonfire & Amazing Phil

Can’t even describe the nerdy cuteness of these guys. Watch them and fangirl away! Good to watch for entertainment and they also have a gaming channel.

2 – Kalyn Nicholson

A relatively small channel, but I love how down to earth she is in her videos. I think she gives good advice, particularly about diet, fitness and anxiety. She also has a vlog channel, blog and her Instagram is on fleek!

3 – Samantha Maria

Formerly known as Beautycrush, Samantha Maria is a big channel. She covers beauty and lifestyle but mainly fashion. I like her styling videos especially, they are on point! She also has a vlog channel and blog.

4 – Alltime Conspiracies

Personally, I love conspiracy theories and find them interesting to watch. Random point, but the narrator’s voice being creepy adds to quality of the videos.

I’d ask you leave channel recommendations in the comments, but YouTube already takes up too much of my life. Happy watching!



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