The mojo is here!

So, it’s a week later and I stuck to my goals! I worked out three times and only ate junk twice. I knew I could do it, and I feel so much better already. I had a couple of nights where I couldn’t get to sleep, but I went to the gym and worked out anyway and I’m really glad I did.  I’m starting to remember the benefits that I forgot about during my health and fitness hiatus, and it’s really awesome. I have clearer skin and I’m more energized and it’s only been one week.

For this week coming, I’m going to alter my goal and only eat junk on one day. That will be tomorrow because it’s my birthday! I’ll be 22 and I’m really excited.

I think this health and fitness ‘mojo’ idea is going to be a weekly thing, just to track my own progress. Let me know if you want some updated tips and advice for working out and being fit, but I do have posts related to that in my ‘Health and Fitness’ category.



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