I’m back.

I’m sorry for the long hiatus from writing posts on this blog. I could say the standard – ‘I’ve been busy’, ‘I had school’ or ‘I didn’t have anything to write’, but none of those reasons are why I haven’t posted. I’m slightly nervous to write what I’m about to write, but I think I need to write it for myself because acknowledging what is happening is the first step to changing it.

I have had anxiety & OCD for as long as I can remember. Not “I’M SO NEAT I’M SO OCD LOL!” Real, legit OCD and anxiety as well. Lately, it has been getting the better of me and bringing me down. That in turn, has made me slightly depressed and I lost the motivation to do the things I used to enjoy – like writing blog posts. So long story short, that’s why no posts. I have also had family problems, which have taken up a lot of my time and energy. Thankfully, that has now improved 🙂

Not a lot of people know that I struggle with anxiety & OCD. But I think it’s important to know that it can be anyone. I have started to take steps to address this, and hopefully this is something that I can overcome. If this is something that is relevant to you, then you’re definitely not alone. Many people need to deal with these issues in their lives and often it’s the person you least expect.

Anyway, there should be more posts from me from now on, so look out!


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