My haircare & styling items

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Marrakesh Oil & Coconut w/ Argan Oil. Shampoo & Conditioner $3.50 each (from Kmart)


This shampoo and conditioner is honestly one of the best that I’ve used, for a few reasons. It lathers up so quickly and left my hair feeling soft and smooth. And the smell, my gosh! It’s heavenly. Definitely recommend it. 9/10.

Girls Only Hazy Days Dry Shampoo. $3.00 (from Target)


I was skeptical about this product, just because I had never heard of the brand and it was so cheap. But, it turned out to work quite well. I used it when my hair was about three days old and oily and it brought it back to life. It looked as though I’d washed it that day. The only down side was that my hair turned a little white in some places, but I was able to brush that out quite easily. 7/10.

Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser $16.00 (from Priceline)


The most expensive product on the list is actually the one that I was most disappointed with. I was hoping that this spray would give my short/flat hair some volume. It worked, sort of, but it didn’t last long and my hair went back to being almost flat. I’m not sure if it was because of the product, or because my hair is just too thick for the spray to hold it in place. 5/10.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Mousse $5.00 (from Target)


(I haven’t actually tried this yet, but I will update this post when I do!)


What are some of your favourite haircare items? Always looking for recommendations!

Have an awesome day/night.

Ellen 🙂


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