Tips for exercising!

When it comes to my health and fitness, I would say I am far better at sticking with exercise than diet. I do pretty good, but there is always room for improvement. Now that I’m an exercise guru *cough*, I thought I would share my realistic tips for staying motivated to workout.

1. Do workouts that you enjoy (or at least can tolerate)

If I find a certain move or type of workout to be boring or too difficult, then I’m not going to do it. Simple as that. You need to find workouts that you enjoy. For me, I’d rather go to the gym than run outside because at the moment its bloody freezing! So that’s what I do. I also love to dance, so I do that as well. I either follow a dance workout routine on YouTube or do Zumba on my Wii. I just need to wait until nobody is around, otherwise it’s just embarrassing because I look like a lunatic when I dance. But it’s something I really enjoy, and is a good cardio workout.

2. Buy/borrow different clothes to workout in

This one is pretty superficial, but sometimes it’s nice to wear something different to workout in. I get a little bit of extra confidence if I think I look good in the clothes I’m wearing. Real talk; sometimes it’s too early in the morning when I get to the gym and I just don’t care, but normally it’s nice to look decent. It’s also nice having to buy different leggings because the ones you had are too big now. Winning!

3. Track your progress

You can track progress in different ways, like writing down your weight and tracking it over time, taking measurements of yourself or photographs. For me though, I like to take notice of when I achieve something in the gym. For example, I can leg press more weight than the last time, or run faster, or climb more stairs etc… I find to be rewarding, and like I’ve accomplished something. I also weigh myself once a week, just to see if I’ve made any progress in that regard.

4. Work out with a friend

I’d really like to workout with a friend, but nobody I know goes to my gym. However, if they did I think it would definitely make working out more fun. If you workout with a friend you can motivate and encourage each other while exercising, and also have a gossip session. Because who doesn’t gossip when they see a friend? Only me? Okay then….

5. Music, music, music

At my gym, the same songs play every day. So I need to bring my own music. I think music pumps you up and gives you that focus you need to work harder. It can be whatever you music you like too, not just fast/techno. Personally, I get some rock music going because I think it’s motivating.

Those are my top tips! What are yours? I’ve left some links below if you want to find some good, free workout routines on YouTube.

Also, I’m thinking of making an Instagram account to go with this blog. Would that be a good idea? Let me know.

Useful YouTube Channels:

Bipasha Basu Total Body Fitness Playlist. (Part of  Good Health 24/7)


BeFit (especially the Jillian Michaels workouts)


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