Cute kangaroo & me

One reason that I’m grateful to live in Australia:


I love most animals (except dogs), but I am especially fond of native Australian animals (I wonder why?). Kangaroos are one of my favourites. I know that everyone around the world knows that the kangaroo is one of Australia’s national animals, but there are also some misconceptions about them…

1. We don’t keep them as pets. You just don’t do that.

2. They are not always cute. If you run into a big male, watch out!

3. They do fight each other with their arms, which makes it look like they’re boxing. They also kick each other while balancing on their tails, which looks hilarious.

I have been around kangaroos many times in my life and despite these misconceptions kangaroos are generally quite shy and avoid humans. But if you’re lucky, they will come and ‘investigate’ you.

If you ever come to Australia, make sure to see some of these beautiful creatures!


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