Places I’ve been (Wilson’s Prom)

Although I enjoy it, I haven’t traveled much in my 21 years of life. However, the places I have been too were amazing. If you’re thinking of visiting Australia, or live here already, I highly recommend going to Wilson’s Promontory or Wilson’s Prom for short. (Because you know, us Aussies have to shorten every word.)

I went about a year ago and absolutely loved it. It is the most southern part of mainland Australia and is a national park with thousands of trees, but surrounded by stunning beaches. It looks like a resort, but is absolutely free to visit. I found it to be very peaceful and beautiful. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself…

10599475_10203664712871342_978102698214521636_n 10592663_10203664715111398_6528727959602063549_n10563081_10203664369742764_530065909364370387_n

I loved it, and will definitely be going back at some stage. I’ll be sure to get many more photos next time too!


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