My exercise routine!

So, as you might know, I go to the gym. I’ve been going for around 6-7 months. I thought I would share what I’ve been doing at the gym lately, just to show that you don’t need to spend hours each day there in order to see results. I don’t look like I go to the gym, I’m no fitness model! But, I have seen and felt some significant changes. I’m still trying and that’s what matters. Anyway, on with the routine:


I usually do cardio first, because it’s the thing I least enjoy. First I go on an exercise bike. I put the resistance at 7 and pedal for around ten minutes. It really works the legs, and gets the heart pumping which is what you want.

Then, I go on the arc trainer. It’s similar to an elliptical, but I like it better. I use it for around ten minutes.

After that, it’s the treadmill. I set it to between 5-7 kms (depending on how I’m feeling) and a 5 incline and walk. I do this for between 5-15 minutes.

Then, thank goodness, cardio is over. I like switching it up between machines because I get bored otherwise.


I usually use the lat pulldown machine first, to work my arms. My legs feel like jelly at this point! I do three sets of 10 at 25kgs. I was at 18kgs for ages, but recently went up to 25kgs.

I use the assisted pull up and dip machine next, and do three sets of ten for both pull ups and dips.

Then I use the leg press machine. I set it at 45kgs, and do three sets of 20 leg presses.

Free weights/exercise:

Sometimes I don’t have the energy for this, but if I do, I use the kettle bell. I do some kettle bell swings, and pull ups. I also do some squats, push ups and planks. There’s no rhyme or reason to this part, I just do what I feel I can.

I do some cool down stretches, and then I’m out. I usually stay at the gym for between 50-60 minutes.

Disclaimer: It took me a long time to reach this level of fitness, so if you’re thinking of exercising I would set the weights for everything I’ve said to a lower setting, and just do what you’re comfortable with.

Until next time,

Ellen 🙂


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