12 of my favourite feelings.

I saw this idea on a YouTube video by essiebutton to list your favourite feelings. It originally came from Hank Green from vlogbrothers I believe and it was 15 feelings. I’ve cut it to 12, so here we go:

Getting into my bed with clean sheets.

Even though a lot of people around the world don’t experience it, I love this feeling.

Catching up with a friend

I don’t have a lot of friends, for various reasons. But, catching up with someone who I haven’t seen for a while is always a good thing. Whether I saw them 2 weeks ago or 2 years ago, it’s good to catch up where you left off as if no time has passed.

Seeing/playing with my cats

Crazy cat woman alert! My cats are like my children. I love them so much, and spend as much time as I can with them. Even though sometimes it seems like they couldn’t give a shit about me…


(My cat Scratch. It’s hard to get a photo with a cat okay?)

Coming home after being away for a long time

Alright, confession: The longest I’ve been away from home is a month. But, it’s still nice to come home and settle back to my routine.

Finishing a workout at the gym

I haven’t worked out for a while because I’ve been sick. But the feeling I get after finishing a tough workout is nice. It feels like you’ve tried and accomplished something, you know?

Finding a new show to become obsessed with

I love T.V. So finding a new show to love is awesome. My obsession show at the moment is Wayward Pines.

Spending time with family.

Whether it’s taking a road trip with my Dad, watching a movie with my brother or having a coffee with my Mum, spending time with family is always nice.

Going to the beach/staring at the sea.

I don’t know what it is, but I could sit on a beach and stare out at the sea for hours. I feel so calm and centered when I’m there. I can think clearly and reflect on things, it’s very serene.

Laughing so hard that you lose all control.

This usually happens with my brother and Dad, they’re so funny! But I think everyone loves a good joke.

Discovering something you’re good at/you enjoy.

Since becoming single, I have more time for things, and I’ve re-discovered that I’m a decent artist and writer (well, I think so). It’s good that after so long, I still have these talents.

Doing something you thought you couldn’t do.

 I never thought I would be any good at maths. At school I was absolutely shit. But recently, I’ve put in some effort and realised that I’m not too bad. Better be good if I’m going to be a teacher!

Meeting someone new

I find this difficult because I’m very shy around people I don’t know, but getting to know someone new is always good. Whether it’s a friend or romantic interest, finding someone I have things in common with is awesome.

Those are my favourite feelings, what’s one of yours?

Until next time,

Ellen 🙂


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