I’m studying a Bachelor degree in education, and in 18 months I’ll be a qualified teacher. When I first started university at the beginning of 2013, I was nervous but excited about what the future would bring, and what life at university would be like.

I liked my course, and I loved the friends I made. However, university is not what I expected it to be. The clubs available at my university are mostly sport related, and therefore, my worst nightmare. Other than that, there’s going out every weekend and getting smashed. That didn’t appeal to me either.

So I started wondering, where do I fit?

I started getting concerned that I wasn’t having the uni experience that I should have been. Was I wasting my time at university? Should I get more ‘involved’?

I thought about it some more, and I realised that it doesn’t matter that I don’t go out every weekend, get drunk and hook up with anything that moves. (Not that everyone does that, but some do.) It doesn’t matter that I hate sport and am not in a club. As long as I am doing well in my studies and have a group of friends who I love, then who cares about the rest! The experiences with my uni friends is what I’ll remember, not getting blind and showing up to Thursday morning classes drunk as a skunk.

If you don’t feel like you fit in at your university, it’s okay. Investigate and see if there is a club or group for you. Start with the people in your classes. If you’re just starting out, chances are they are as nervous as you are.

Get out there and do what you want at uni, not what ‘society’ thinks you should do.

Until next time,

Ellen 🙂


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