Movies I Love

Who didn’t watch tonnes of movies throughout their teenage years? I know I did. I think some of the movies we watch stay with us to our adulthood. Although these movies aren’t two films aren’t particularly mature, I absolutely love them and probably will forever:

1. Juno


Starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera, Juno is about a teenage girl (named Juno) who gets pregnant to her best friend Paulie Bleeker. The movie encapsulates an alternate and somewhat real perspective of what being pregnant at a young age is really like. It also details the tough process of adoption from Juno’s perspective, as well as navigating a series of complex and at times difficult relationships. The frank language used in the movie makes it more realistic. However, there is also humour throughout, which lightens the tone. What stands out the most to me is the soundtrack. The songs are chosen well, and suit the scenes they are played over perfectly.

2. Superbad


Crude, hilarious and heartwarming. That’s all I can say about this movie. I absolutely love it. It’s the story of Seth and Evan graduating from high school, and going to their first (and last) high school party. Despite the constant sexual innuendo and swearing, the movie has a fundamental message about the meaning of true friendship, through good times and bad. It still makes me crack up even through I’ve watched it probably 100 times. Awesome soundtrack too!

Napoleon Dynamite and 500 Days of Summer are a close 3rd and 4th.

What’s a movie that has stayed with you?

Until next time,

Ellen 🙂


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