Oh, the places you’ll go!

I’ve wanted to travel my entire life, however I’ve never had the money. But there are plenty of places I want to go. So, I thought I’d make a list of the places I most want to visit.

1. Santorini – Greece.


It’s one of Greece’s many islands, but I think it is one people think of most when they think of Greece. It’s area is only 90kms, but the views look beautiful and the blue topped churches are iconic. Can’t wait to go!

2. Prague – Czech Republic


With the beautiful Gothic architecture, Prague is somewhere I’d love to visit. I honestly don’t know much about the country except it looks stunning!

3. Vancouver – Canada


Canada is the first country I ever wanted to visit, and I’ve dreamt of going for years. Vancouver in particular looks amazing, with a wide variety of things to see and do. There are other places in Canada I’d like to see too, including Banff, Whistler and the endless amount of lakes and wilderness. In a perfect world, I’d take a year to live in Canada and explore the entire country.

4. Singapore City – Singapore


With a stunning modern atmosphere, Singapore is somewhere I hope to visit when I graduate university. It’s reasonably close to Australia, so I think it would be a good place to take my first plane ride. Plus, I have to take a ride on that wheel and go to Universal Studios!

5. Paris – France


Don’t most people have this place on their travel list? There’s nothing I can say about Paris that hasn’t already been said. But, it seems amazing!

6. London, United Kingdom


I’d like to visit the mother country at some point in my life. With all the shops, sights and architecture it seems like a very diverse city, even with the lack of sunshine!

These are my top places to go to right now, but I’m always changing and adding places to my list. Other places include Ireland, Austria, New Zealand, Germany and Italy. I know that the majority of places are in Europe, but I’ve always been fascinated with the proximity between countries and the diverse range of cultures, languages and customs.

What’s a place you’re dying to visit?

Until next time,

Ellen πŸ™‚

  1. Get a move on, girl! You have fabulous ideas about travel and now you have to remove the idea that money is an obstacle from your brain. Europe is great, but start closer to home. That way, you can learn how to budget for travel with smaller numbers in the airfare department. Making travel happen financially is all about priorities and once you learn how to organize, prioritize, and budget for a small trip, you’ll have a stronger ability to do the same for a big trip! I believe in you! Just hit the road!


    • Oh, it’s not just the money. I have other responsibilities, so going away for an extended time at this stage is not an option for me.
      But I understand what you’re saying, and it’s good advice πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to make Singapore happen in a year’s time, when things settle down.

      Thank you for your advice πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’re a seasoned traveler yourself!


      • I understand you – and I hope my last comment was clear as encouragement and not criticism! I’ve noticed that people often imagine that a time in the future will open up when they suddenly have time and money to travel, and I think the actuality of this happening is pretty rare. Singapore sounds like a brilliant idea if you’re coming from Australia – a good manageable trip to get you started. But I would bet that once you do one trip, you’ll discover that, with advance planning, it’s easier to make happen than you imagined.

        By the way – Australia is my next big trip (for this time next year), so if you have any advice, let me know!


      • No, I didn’t take it as criticism. And I understand what you’re saying. People should live in the moment and go for it. I will, just after my degree is over! I’m too obsessed with school I think. I think Singapore will be good too. I even started planning a trip after that, but that’s a few years away yet.

        I’ve lived in Australia all my life, so I’m a wealth of knowledge. It’s amazing, but I think I’m biased.

        What do you want to know?


      • Awesome! My biggest question would just be if you have any cities/towns/places/experiences to recommend that might be off the beaten path. My itinerary is pretty open and pretty barebones (definitely spending some time in Sydney and Melbourne, probably also diving in/around Cairns. Hoping to additionally get some substantial hiking/nature time in. Let me know if you have any thoughts!


      • Well, Melbourne is my home town so I lived there for a long time. It’s great. Check out Flinders Lane, Fed Square and Carlton Gardens and the National Art Gallery of Victoria.
        Other places around Australia: Phillip Island, Halls Gap, (in Victoria). Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction (in New South Wales). If you like theme parks, they are at the Gold Coast in Queensland. Dreamworld is the best one I think.
        Of course there’s Uluru too. But you shouldn’t climb on it, that’s disrespectful to the Indigenous. You can, but you shouldn’t.
        That’s all I can think of for now. Australia is huge, so I haven’t been everywhere.


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