Before I start writing blog posts about my interests, I thought that I would share some advice I wish I had known years ago, about relationships.

Sometimes when we have been in a relationship for so long, we can choose not to see signs that could mean the relationship is not good for us anymore. So, here are some signs that I observed in my own relationship that made me realise it was time to move on.

1. You and your partner don’t have the same life goals.

I know this one might sound dumb, especially if you’re young, but it’s important that you and your partner share a least a couple of major goals in life. For example, you should both be open to having children, both want to work for a living, or both not want to get married. If you’re not on the same page about these and other big issues, then it could mean big problems, arguments and heartbreak down the road.

2. They get jealous, constantly.

A little bit of jealousy might be healthy, and could show that your partner cares about you. But if they make you feel bad for going out with your friends without them, spending time with your family, or having your own life, then it’s a big warning sign that they could be possessive. A partner should be supportive of your other relationships and have a life of their own as well.

3. They don’t support your interests and put you down.

This is closely related to the previous sign. Your partner should encourage and support you if you want to take up a new hobby, like scrap-booking, rock climbing or singing. But if you notice that they subtly suggest that your hobby is stupid or blatantly tell you that you’re no good at it and should only be interested in activities you can do together, then it’s a big warning sign that your partner could be insecure.

These are the biggest signs that I saw in my own relationship, and compelled me to end things. However, this is just my experience and everyone is different. What is a warning sign that is big for you?

Until next time,

Ellen šŸ™‚


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